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Kanino Global is a sourcing company based in Kenya but with business affiliations across East and Central Africa. We work with China based businesses, Dubai companies, US firms, British Companies and Japanese firms. Kanino Global's Areas of Expertise are Textiles, Machinery, Commodities, Gold, Diamonds, Timber , Bottled Water, Horticulture & Renewable Energy. We have done business in South Sudan, Uganda, DR Congo, Sierra Leone, Kenya, Tanzania , Somalia and Ethiopia Products sourced from DR Congo are; Timber, Gold, Copper Ore, Manganese. Kanino Global is Affiliated to Gold Counters in DR Congo. We undertake Market sourcing for Timber merchants globally and especially to China. Kanino Global works with DR Congo Mining companies as their sourcing agent for best pricing and stress free logistics & Customs clearance. Products exported to South Sudan; Food stuffs, Bitumen, Maize, Beans Products sourced from Sierra Leone ; Gold and Diamonds Products imported into Kenya ;Timber, Machinery, Textiles, Electronics, Gold, Diamonds Products exported from Kenya; Avocados, Leather, Horticulture, Textiles, Food Stuffs, Live Animals, Somalia Export- Foodstuff, Software, Seeds, farm equipment, solar panels, Electronics, Gas Cylinders Ethiopia- Bottled water, Food stuffs, Electronics, Uganda ; Imports from Kenya- Food stuffs, Vehicles, Electronics Tanzania- Imports - Food stuffs, Edible oils, Solar panels, Machinery, Gas Cylinders Products exported to China; Avocados, scrap metal, Imported from China ; Machinery, Solar panels, Textiles, Gas Cylinders among many more. Services offered- by Kanino Global ; Factory Audits, Site visit arrangements, Deal arrangement, Customer sourcing, Raw materials sourcing, Clearing & Forwarding facilitation, Tax & Duty payments facilitation, Inspections facilitation, Products & Services Certification facilitation Kanino Global aids organizations make savings of up to 15-30% off the cost of procurement.

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Address: Kanino Global Limited P.O.Box 47911 00100 Nairobi Kanino Global Fair Acres Road, Fana Lane 361 Karen, Nairobi Kenya

Phone: +254 721354174
Email: isaac@kaninoglobal.net
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24 Hours available